Welcome to the home page of the future website of yours

Administrator / Client edit this page to get started OR you can simply upload your index.html to 'www' folder OR follow the instructions given below :

To create a website, do one of the following :

1) - Login to your Control Panel and click on 'File Manager' tool listed on the main page. It will let you upload your images and web pages one by one.
2) - If you do not want to upload your contents one by one then you can use any FTP client like Cute FTP / WS FTP etc. Use the domain name as host name and the FTP login info to get to the web directories. Upload your contents in 'www' folder.

To access / modify your account's configurations and settings :

Login to your Control Panel to access your Hosting Admin Panel.

Dont hesitate to contact us should you need any further assistance.

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